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Every Store Matters

Our formula for driving footfall and ecommerce growth for multi-store retailers and multi-location businesses

Every Store Matters is our advertising programme designed to support in-store and online sales for multi-location businesses.

Our Every Store Matters approach helps multi-site businesses make more effective marketing investments based on using insights and intelligent data signals at a local level. The programme is designed to help brands invest their marketing budget more effectively, gain an ‘unfair share of voice’ at peak sales moments and acquire footfall and online sales throughout the year.

Our Every Store Matters approach is tailored for each client but is typically based on three insights:

  • One size does not fit all - consumer behaviour varies by geographic location and store type (out-of-town, High Street, shopping centre etc) so a nationwide marketing formula does not necessarily work effectively in all store locations

  • Local level data signals inform smarter marketing decisions - for example, volume of searches, number of competing stores and local marketing-intent signals can vary massively by location. Understanding these patterns helps better facilitate effective marketing investments, helping local stores better target the most likely buyers for footfall and online sales 

  • Maximise the peaks, maintain daily flow - use local intelligence to dominate peak sales windows and ensure regular footfall and traffic throughout the year

How we help 

In creating our Every Store Matters approach for our clients, we ask a lot of questions in order to make budgets work harder. We focus on effectiveness over efficiency to maximise sales, we challenge nationwide data in instances where local consumer insights support a different approach, we look at local buyer trends (different locations often buy different products) and we look at sales patterns to improve advertising impact, by time-of-year and day-of-week.

We then provide a suite of advertising and media services to help brands crack retail, brand and ecommerce challenges at a national, regional and local level. Service include:

  • Digital Performance Marketing services run by certified digital marketing professionals

  • Above-the-line planning and buying, with a local focus and access to all the major UK buying points

  • Award-winning creative services teams to bring your brand to life

  • Smart technologies to plan, deliver and report on ecommerce and footfall patterns

We know it works

Localised Plans

Store level focus in terms of targeting & buying

Smooth Sales

Smart initiatives to create sales demand in low trading windows 

Strong ROAS

Typically 7x+ ROAS on ecommerce sales (varies by AOV)


Manage activity based on competitive & local search volumes

Unfair Share

Create 'unfair share of voice' at peak trading moments


Build awareness throughout peak & always-on activity

“If only we’d found Recipe sooner! We needed a digital partner with whom we could collaborate in all aspects of our marketing communications. We’d been three years in business and were averaging an agency a year and left feeling underwhelmed. Then BANG! Within weeks of finding Recipe, we knew they had all the ingredients we were looking for 

Chris Healy, CEO, Notch

Advertising for Multi Location Businesses


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If you're a multi-location business and want to discuss marketing or advertising opportunities, please contact us for an informal chat.

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