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Challenger Brands

Are you a challenger brand?

Challenger brands are not the market leader, but take a tenacious approach - through their products, attitudes and innovative spirit - to challenge the norm. And grow their market share.

They typically have smaller media budgets than their competitors. We help that budget work smartly and punch harder.

Make your media work harder

Challenger brands typically lack the resources or recognition of a market leader, so smart marketing is a key weapon in their armoury. 


They need creative thinking and media planning that challenges the conventions of their industry and connects with consumers differently.  They need to be the David to the market leaders' Goliaths.

Challenger brands are strong businesses with purpose. They want to increase market share and exceed their business targets.

We get it. As an independent agency we often come head to head with the large agency groups. And we also know that challenger brands with lower budgets are typically low on the priority list for network agencies. This makes us a great fit for challenger brands who need to make ideas and media be bold and brave. 

How we help challenger brands

There's no one size fits all with challenger brands. So we offer a wide range of advertising services and depending on the clients' life stage, budget and market context. Challenger brands may work with us across a range of areas, or we may focus on one particular area. Here are some of the typical areas of work:

How we help our clients

Reassuringly Experienced

Our team comprises creatives, strategists, media experts and more. We'll blend our team to meet your needs.

Independent & Objective

We'll give you routes and options - but we'll work within your budget framework to create the right plan at the right time.

Cross-platform Planning

We'll recommend the media and marketing mix we think works best for you. If we don't think something is right for you, we will tell you

Challenger Brands at Work

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