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Supercharging Retail Brands & Ecommerce Businesses

Performance and brand marketing to increase sales and retail performance for brands and ecommerce pure plays

Innovative and focused media thinking to improve brand and sales for retail brands and ecommerce businesses

We create smart media plans to deliver real results for retail brands and ecommerce businesses which are starting up, scaling up or stirring up their category. We have expertise in using marketing budgets extremely effectively helping our clients create greater awareness, increase sales, support their retail listings and gain better outcomes from their ecommerce business.

Retail brands typically work with us when they:

  • need to increase sales, or create a compelling sales campaign

  • need to increase market share

  • need support to win, extend or retain retail listings

  • feel a lack of impetus, priority or support from their current agency

Ecommerce businesses typically work with us when they:

  • want to scale sales across multiple channels (beyond performance channels)

  • find their current performance agency is flatlining or not delivering good ROAS

  • need creative optimisation and more rigorous ad testing

  • need to build brand awareness to broaden their appeal and sales

How we help 

We ask a lot of questions in order to make budgets work harder. We focus on effectiveness over efficiency to maximise sales, we use consumer insights to support our approach and we look at sales patterns to improve advertising impact, by time-of-year and day-of-week.

We then provide a suite of advertising and media services to help brands crack retail, brand and ecommerce challenges. Services include:

  • Digital Performance Marketing services run by certified digital marketing professionals

  • Above-the-line planning and buying, with access to all the major UK buying points

  • Award-winning creative services teams to bring your brand to life

  • Smart technologies to plan, deliver and report on ecommerce and sales patterns

And we have developed a series of approaches and tools dedicated to the retail and ecommerce environment. These include a dedicated ecommerce sales planning tool, relationships with all the major shopper marketing networks (including Tesco and Sainsburys), access to the UKs leading consumer profiling tool TGI and a flexible approach to testing advertising programmes at a local level.



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“If only we’d found Recipe sooner! We needed a digital partner with whom we could collaborate in all aspects of our marketing communications. We’d been three years in business and were averaging an agency a year and left feeling underwhelmed. Then BANG! Within weeks of finding Recipe, we knew they had all the ingredients we were looking for 

Chris Healy, CEO, Notch


Advertising for Retail Brands & Ecommerce Businesses


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