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6x ROAS for Kitchen and Bathroom Brand


Porcelanosa UK




Ecommerce Sales


Kitchens & Bathrooms; E-Commerce



Porcelanosa sell high end kitchen, bathrooms, tiles and related homeware. They have been a Recipe Media client for over 4 years. We offer a wide range of advertising and media services to the client. The brand launched its ecommerce offering in 2021 and needed support to drive ecommerce sales through digital channels.

Services and solutions

Meta Ad platforms, Facebook and Instagram, provided a perfect ecommerce platform for Porcelanosa. It enabled us to use Porcelanosa's first party data, the powerful audience targeting capabilities within the Meta platform and an array of visual formats including video ads, carousels and stills.


The results have been consistently strong. Ecommerce sales have been consistently impressive and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) has typically been between 5x and 8x based on promotional factors like sales, time of year and wider economic context


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