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Media Round Up: December 2023

In this month's round up we look at why marketers should consider upping advertising spend from 26 December into the New Year, we look at new research into the effectiveness of Television Sponsorships and share information on Meta's new tool to let you see which influencers your competitors are working with. Plus a quick look at the latest TV sponsorship opportunities.


Q5 - When Ad Prices Fall & Why Advertisers Need To Get Onboard

Q5 in advertising typically relates to the period immediately after Christmas into January. Historically in the television and digital advertising sectors, we've seen ad prices fall in this period when some advertisers slow spend after the spending frenzy of November, Black Friday and the run up to Christmas. And we have seen the 26 December to 3 January as a particular hot spot for return on ad investment with many people not working and having time on their hands - and therefore consuming media.

Here are some themes and opportunities for you to consider how you should think about Q5:

  • New Year's Resolutions and Fresh Starts: Q5 marks the beginning of the calendar year, making it an opportune time for advertisers to tap into the audience's motivation for New Year's resolutions and fresh starts. Campaigns that align with health, wellness, personal development, and lifestyle changes can resonate well during this period.

  • Time on Hands: we have seen the 26 December to 3 January as a particular hot spot for return on ad investment with many consumers not working and having time on their hands - and therefore consuming media. Advertisers are encouraged to consider this period as an ideal time to promote products and services, leveraging the increased media consumption potential.

  • Spring Season and Renewal Themes: as we move beyond January, we look forward to the arrival of spring, providing advertisers with an opportunity to incorporate themes of renewal, freshness, and new beginnings into their marketing campaigns. Products and services associated with springtime activities, outdoor pursuits, travel, and home improvement can be highlighted.

  • Clearance Sales and Promotions: early New Year is a historically strong time to implement clearance sales and promotions. This strategy helps clear out existing inventory, attract budget-conscious consumers, and create excitement around discounted offerings.

In summary, the period 26 December through into February offers advertisers some unique seasonal opportunities, leveraging the momentum of the new year, consumer spending patterns, and seasonal themes to create impactful and targeted marketing campaigns.



Latest research on impact & effectiveness of TV programme sponsorships

In Summary

  • Latest research shows that TV sponsorships and product placements are more effective in terms of brand recall than just TVCs

  • The more integrated the sponsorship the greater the impact of the sponsorship (integrated is both product placement and bumpers which connect with the programme content)

Considerations for advertisers

Advertisers should look beyond standard TVCs and consider TV programme sponsorships, which are more effective because the deeper the sponsorship, the greater the uplift in brand/ad metrics. Integrated content is slightly more effective for holding viewers’ attention, and fully integrated sponsorships were found to build mental availability, thus helping to grow the brand.

Some Take Aways

  • More is more: More sponsorship elements were found to increase all key brand and advertising metrics.

  • More “opportunities to see” = more attention: Sponsorships enabled more brand time on screen, which has a direct impact on the attention seconds captured by brands.

  • Deeper TV sponsorships can build deeper memories: Sponsorships were found to build mental availability and agreement with campaign messages, while standard TVCs alone did not.

  • Integrated content is typically more impactful: Sponsorships with integrated content (ie product placements) generated more uplift in key metrics than other elements (TVCs and sponsorship bumpers) because viewers pay more attention to brands in content than ads.

More on this story

  • Source: WARC

  • Published: Sept 2023

  • Based on study of 2,200 Australian TV viewers aged 18-69, 8 brands & 64 ad assets: Full Article Here

  • More on TV Sponsorships here

CURRENT LIVE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES INCLUDE: From Channel 4: Tasteful Living, E4 Everyday Entertainment, E4 Channel Partnership, Showcase drama, HGTV Channel Partnership. From Sky / Channel 5: Gardening Weather Report 2024; European Rugby on TNT Sports 2023/2024; Sky Sports News (various time slots). Plus lots more opportunities to tailor to your business. Interested? Contact Us



Ever wanted to see what influencers brands are using on Instagram & Meta?

If you ever wanted to understand which influencers brands are working with on Facebook and Instagram, there's now a tool form that. Meta has introduced a new search tool, "Search Branded Content," within its Ads Library. This tool allows users to filter branded content campaigns by platform, date range and username. Users can gain insights into competitor strategies, understanding their approaches, creator-business relationships, and campaign frequency. By applying the influencer filter, the tool provides an overview of ongoing campaigns and brand collaborations, offering valuable inspiration for brand decisions on partnership choices. Meta's decision to enhance transparency aligns with the European Union's implementation of the Digital Services Act, emphasizing safer digital spaces for platforms with over 45 million regional users. Meta emphasizes transparency by displaying a paid partnership label on content and including it in the Ad Library. The tool is designed for anyone interested in viewing content from creators who have collaborated with businesses.

You can take a look at the tool in action here.


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