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Franchise Accelerator
Effective Growth For Franchises

Franchise Accelerator is our digital marketing programme developed with franchises for franchises. It is proven to help franchises grow fast, locally, from the ground up.

Welcome to our Franchise Accelerator programme

As a franchise business, you’ll know there are many reasons why franchisees succeed: the marketing commitment of each franchisee, the local sales efforts, national brand visibility, the local market competition, consumer behaviour at a local level and much more. 

Franchisees may be great at providing their core service but will grow faster if they are great at marketing in order to generate a consistent flow of enquiries and sales to generate this growth.

We built our Franchise Accelerator programme based on three insights:

  • Consumers typically seek out and research businesses online - so great digital marketing is key to franchisee growth

  • Digital marketing is a dedicated skills set - franchisees are not typically skilled enough at this and can easily waste money and time

  • Digital marketing works best with scale - in digital, connecting multiple franchises better pools data and creates more compelling results than individual franchises working alone

What is Franchise Accelerator?

Franchise Accelerator is a digital marketing programme. It is designed to drive enquiries, sales or footfall for franchisees typically using Paid Search advertising on Google and Paid Social Media advertising on Instagram and Facebook. Other media channels are also used as and when appropriate.

We manage the programme on behalf of franchises; it is very light touch for franchisees and works best with a small amount of coordination from the central franchisor. 

Specifics of each programme are tailored to each franchise but we have created proven processes for franchisee onboarding, creative and messaging development, location targeting and reporting.


Here’s how it works:

  • Fact Find > we work with you to understand business targets, customer profiles, franchise brand attributes, target costs of acquisition etc

  • Plan > we recommend a digital media plan and budget options to meet franchisee targets - the approach may vary by franchisee based on local consumer profiles, competitors and location

  • Investment > each franchisee commits to a monthly budget to cover advertising and campaign management 

  • Launch & Manage > thereafter we launch and manage the ad campaigns. Campaigns are optimised regularly to obtain the best results for the franchisee 

  • Reporting > We share a monthly report to head office - showing performance metrics for all franchises  - and an individual report for each franchisee  

We know it works

High Success Rate

95% of franchisees significantly increase volume of leads


CPA reduces as more franchisees enrol & learnings increase

Strong ROAS

75% of franchise locations achieving 5x return on investment


Leads generated are typically 50% or more of the total leads


 Franchise Accelerator users significantly outperform others


Increases overall awareness of the franchise brand

Advertising for Franchise Businesses

Screenshot 2024-06-20 095307.png
“Recipe is a great agency partner for our streaming  subscription services. We have struck up a very strong working relationship with the team at Recipe. They've helped us rapidly expand our subscriber base and are delivering excellent results with lots of good ideas and initiatives. A highly recommended partner."

Tom Mikkelson Wolf, COO, World of Wonder


Get in touch today

If you're a franchise business and want to discuss Franchise Accelerator and other advertising opportunities, please contact us for an informal chat.

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