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Major Revenue Increase for Fashion Accessories




Google Ads (Search, Shopping, Performance Max)


E-Commerce Sales


Fashion Accessories



Notch sells many fashion accessories, but the main business is personalised bracelets. Recipe Media initially started working with Notch on a business planning project - to understand how the ecommerce business could scale sales and fine tune creative. We then started working on Facebook Ads, taking over from a previous agency.

Services and Solutions

With Facebook working well, Notch were keen to explore how Google Ads could work for them. Google has strong data on consumer buying signals. As well as Google PPC campaigns, we also wanted to understand how Google Shopping Ads could contribute to their sales growth.


We run Google Search Ads and Google Shopping ads. After some initial testing, we focused Google Ads primarily on new client acquisition. We found that Google Ads Cost Per Acquisition was higher than Facebook Ads (due to high competition), but we found that new customers' average order value was also higher than in Facebook Ads. This made the ROAS very favourable. As well as scaling Google Ads, we have worked with the client to develop more 'bundled' product packages to further increase average order value.


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