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7x ROAS During Black Friday and Christmas Period






Ecommerce Sales


Jewellery, fashion accessories



Notch sells personalised bracelets and charms. Its products are popular for marking personal achievements and reflect the passions of its buyers. Word of mouth, live events and organic social media had been at the heart of their early stage growth but the business were keen to scale growth with ROAS being of primary importance.

Services and solutions

Meta Ad platforms - Facebook and Instagram Ads - provided the ideal e-commerce platform for Notch. It enabled us to use Meta’s powerful audience targeting capabilities to target different audience segments - some narrow, some broad. We also experimented with a wide range of ad formats - including video ads, brand-led ads, offer ads, static ads and carousels.


During the competitive Black Friday and Christmas period,sales have been impressive and we maintained a lower cost to reach new customers. We have boosted conversions whilst getting a 7x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) during the most competitive season of the year.


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