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50%+ of all women reached in Dishmatic range launch campaign


Libman Group, Dishmatic


Video channels, Broadcast TV, Facebook, Tik Tok YouTube


Generate brand awareness and reach into UK Female consumers


FMCG, Home Goods



Dishmatic were a family run brand bought by a US group Libman. They make a hand held dishwashing tool that is part scrubber and holds the dishwashing fluid within the handle. Everyone recognises the product but brand awareness of the company behind the product was low. They wanted to bring their brand to life and introduce a wider range of cleaning cloths and sponges to support the national retail distribution.

Services and Solutions

We needed some creative to bring the product to life and we needed a hard-working media plan to target a broad audience - female shoppers. Creatively, we developed a range of fun, bubbly, brand characters and brought them to life with video content. From a media perspective, we focused onl platforms that have strong video delivery and targeting options. We selected broadcast TV in daytime to manage costs and supplemented the reach and frequency focused campaign across,Meta, TikTok and YouTube. We ran multiple planning variations to maximise reach into the target audience and effect a strong ad viewing frequency.


With a relatively modest budget for the size of the target audience, we reached 53% of 24-64 Women 4.3 times over a 6-week campaign window. The campaign delivered 68 million as impacts and 32,000 visits to the website. There was great feedback on the launch with a 'low interest' category being brought to life to over half the UK. The campaign played an important role in growing retail listings across all the major multiples and discounters.


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