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Keeping it Kookie with Maryland

Cross-platform media campaign to increase brand awareness and create meaningful frequency in targeting UK Mums. Campaign contributed to signifcant market share improvements for Maryland.


Maryland Cookies


Television, Meta, TikTok, YouTube


Brand Awareness; Support Retail Sales




The Context

Although a well-established brand, Maryland Cookies were armed with a fraction of the markeitng budget of industry giants McVities. We took on a creative challenge - to make the brand more distinctive - and a media challenge, to increase awareness in their target audience of UK Mums.

Media Solution

With the combination of judiciously purchased television advertising with paid social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, we were able to deliver our ads to 92% of UK mums within a modest budget.

Business Impact

Maryland’s revenue increased during the year of the campaign by 9%, increasing market share despite having a budget that was a fraction of their biggest competitors.


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