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Hall of Fame for TikTok Ad Campaigns




TikTok Ads


Video Views to launch new Graham Norton audio series


Online Subscriptions; podcasts



Audible is the UKs leading audio books and podcast business. We were tasked with launching The Graham Norton Book Club for Audible with best in class TikTok Ads. What’s good about listening to The Graham Norton Book Club? You get to hear lots of insightful, surprising opinions about books and stories. What’s even better? You can pass those opinions off as your own.

Services and solutions

With limited access to talent, our creative team had to appeal to a mass audience and communicate the Book Club’s departure from the glitz and glamour of Graham’s TV Show. Inspired by TikTok lip-synchs, we created this campaign across social & digital. We then used smart media buying in the TikTok Ads platform to target consumers most likely to be engage based on their TV, entertainment and TikTok behaviour.


The combination of winning creative and media placement has strong results. Our objective was to grab the viewers attention through watching the ad. Ad view time was 3x stronger than TikTok benchmarks, meaning the target audience was truly engaged. We ran three campaigns over a series of months and each campaign featured in TikTok's Top Ads best practice for advertisers.


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