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Multi format OOH delivering local brand credibility


Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine (BCRM)


Out of Home


Build brand fame and drive traffic to stort


Women's Health



BCRM is an ambitious IVF group with three sites across the South West of England. Focusing on IVF treatments, they have built a great reputation for excellence. BCRM were looking for cost-effective ways tom build awareness of their services in the South West.

Services and solutions

IVF as a procedure requires patients to have a high level of trust - so building brand credibility is a key building block of this. Outdoor (Out-of-Home, or OOH) Advertising is a low cost way to build brand fame in geographic areas and help build trust. It is a very considered process to go ahead with IVF treatment so delivering a higher frequency of brand messages cements the brand name and assists in the decision-making process.

We used location-based mapping tools to define the best geographic areas and associated outdoor sites to reach the upmarket female audience across two cities. Example locations included key shopping areas, railway station inventory, key bus routes and roadside opportunities.


We reached 814,000 of the key target market at a frequency of 7.1. This represented a 72% target audience penetration at an effective frequency helping BCRM build awareness and increase inbound enquiries.


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