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Dec 2023

Ever Wanted To See What Influencers Brands Are Using On Instagram & Meta?

If you ever wanted to understand which influencers brands are working with on Facebook and Instagram, there's now a tool form that.

Meta has introduced a new search tool, "Search Branded Content," within its Ads Library. This tool allows users to filter branded content campaigns by platform, date range and username. Users can gain insights into competitor strategies, understanding their approaches, creator-business relationships, and campaign frequency.

By applying the influencer filter, the tool provides an overview of ongoing campaigns and brand collaborations, offering valuable inspiration for brand decisions on partnership choices. Meta's decision to enhance transparency aligns with the European Union's implementation of the Digital Services Act, emphasizing safer digital spaces for platforms with over 45 million regional users. Meta emphasizes transparency by displaying a paid partnership label on content and including it in the Ad Library. The tool is designed for anyone interested in viewing content from creators who have collaborated with businesses.

You can take a look at the tool in action here.

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