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95% of 25-34 Women reached for leading nursery brand Chicco




YouTube, Facebook, Instagram


Create high reach and frequency for brand into Women aged 24-34

Create engagement and web traffic from 'in-market' pregnant women


Retail - Nursery



In the Nursery Retail sector, Chicco created and dominate the side-sleeping solution space with their Next2Me Range. Over the years, they have been one of the largest ad spending brands in the sector helping increase awareness and to support their large retail presence with brands like John Lewis, Mamas & Papas and PramWorld. Innovation in core products and focussed brand and activation marketing keep them ahead of the game.

Services and Solutions

We have worked with Chicco for over five years in a full service advertising capacity so have a deep understanding of the nursery sector in terms of audience and messaging. We worked with them to transfer the brand trust from sleep into the outdoor sector. We worked across TV and all digital platforms to achieve the various outcomes required from Brand Awareness, conversion, retail support, event support, product launches etc. Creatively we worked with them initially in the sleep sector and then focussed on transferring the brand trust from sleep into the outdoor sector. We used multichannel planning tools to maximise reach into the target audience and effective number of times and have had the budgets to test and trial and know what channels work to drive sales.

Given the innovative nature of their products, it was important to show the products 'in action'. Specifically we focused on video assets and used a combination of YouTube and Meta ad platforms to maximise reach, frequency and video view time. We'd typically use 'lifestyle' ad content (ie featuring parents and babies) in whole market prospecting and use product demo style videos to people who had visited Chicco's website or already viewed a video ad.


Our 2022 campaigns reached 95% of 24-35 Women, six times each on average and drove 165k visits to their website. More importantly, the campaign helped create retail sell out of key SKUs in their Next2Me side-sleeping range.


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