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Feb 2024

Is Connected TV The Next Step For Your Brand?

The way we watch TV is changing rapidly. New TV advertising solutions are now starting to gain traction. One such innovation is becoming known as Connected TV.

Connected TV (CTV) refers to internet-enabled televisions or streaming devices that allow viewers to access content beyond traditional cable or satellite channels. This includes popular platforms like Smart TVs, streaming sticks like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, and gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.


For advertisers in the UK, CTV presents a wealth of opportunities to reach engaged audiences with targeted and interactive campaigns. Here's why CTV is becoming a game-changer for UK marketing:


Shifting Viewing Habits

  • Linear TV viewership is declining in the UK, with over 25% of viewers watching less Traditional TV compared to a year ago.

  • Ad-supported streaming services are booming, with 68% of UK consumers preferring them over subscription-based services.


Connected TV advertising offers many benefits to help enhance your brand's marketing activities:

  • Targeted reach: Go beyond demographics and reach viewers based on their interests, viewing habits, and even purchase behaviour.

  • Enhanced engagement: Interactive ad formats like shoppable ads and overlays can keep viewers engaged and drive action.

  • Data-driven insights: Gain valuable data on campaign performance and audience behaviour to optimise your strategies.

  • Reduced wastage: Compared to traditional TV, CTV advertising minimizes ad wastage by eliminating irrelevant broadcasts.


How Do You Get Started With Connected TV?

At Recipe Media, we can help you explore multiple opportunities within CTV advertising to find the path that works best for your business. These include:  

  • Programmatic buying: Purchase ad inventory through automated platforms, allowing for real-time bidding and precise targeting.

  • Direct deals: Negotiate deals with specific CTV publishers or content providers to secure premium ad placements.

  • Over-the-top (OTT) advertising: As a trusted partner with the main TV houses, we can help you reach viewers on specific streaming services like ITVX, Channel 4, and Sky Go.

  • Demand-side platforms (DSPs): Our access to Google's powerful DV360 platform allows us to manage and optimise your CTV campaigns across multiple channels.


CTV is bringing on board lots of new ad formats. We'd recommend using the following within your campaigns:

  • Pre-roll ads: Short video ads that play before the start of streaming content.

  • Mid-roll ads: Similar to pre-roll ads, but appear in the middle of longer content.

  • Post-roll ads: Play after the end of streaming content.

  • Interactive ads: Allow viewers to click on elements within the ad to learn more, shop products, or take other actions.

  • Shoppable ads: Feature products directly within the ad, enabling viewers to purchase them with just a few clicks.


Here are some specific examples of how UK brands are using CTV advertising:

  • L'Oréal: Partnered with ITVX to launch a targeted campaign for its hair care products, reaching viewers interested in beauty and lifestyle content.

  • Barclaycard: Used programmatic buying to reach young professionals on gaming platforms with ads promoting their contactless payment solutions.

  • Cadbury: Created interactive ads on Sky Go that allowed viewers to play games and win prizes, driving engagement with their chocolate brand.

  • Channel 4 On-Demand Service: As well as hitting you with ads every 15 minutes, Channel 4 hits you with ads when you pause the programme you’re watching.

 How We Can Help

Through our deep understanding of CTV advertising, its unique benefits, and the evolving viewing landscape in the UK, Recipe Media can help your brand unlock new avenues for reaching engaged audiences and achieving your marketing goals.


Remember, the key to success lies in choosing the right platform, targeting options, and ad formats to resonate with your specific target audience!

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