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Dec 2023

Latest Research on Impact & Effectiveness of TV Programme Sponsorships

In Summary

  • Latest research shows that TV sponsorships and product placements are more effective in terms of brand recall than just TVCs

  • The more integrated the sponsorship the greater the impact of the sponsorship (integrated is both product placement and bumpers which connect with the programme content)

Considerations for advertisers

Advertisers should look beyond standard TVCs and consider TV programme sponsorships, which are more effective because the deeper the sponsorship, the greater the uplift in brand/ad metrics. Integrated content is slightly more effective for holding viewers’ attention, and fully integrated sponsorships were found to build mental availability, thus helping to grow the brand.

Some Take Aways

  • More is more: More sponsorship elements were found to increase all key brand and advertising metrics.

  • More “opportunities to see” = more attention: Sponsorships enabled more brand time on screen, which has a direct impact on the attention seconds captured by brands.

  • Deeper TV sponsorships can build deeper memories: Sponsorships were found to build mental availability and agreement with campaign messages, while standard TVCs alone did not.

  • Integrated content is typically more impactful: Sponsorships with integrated content (ie product placements) generated more uplift in key metrics than other elements (TVCs and sponsorship bumpers) because viewers pay more attention to brands in content than ads.

More on this story

  • Source: WARC

  • Published: Sept 2023

  • Based on study of 2,200 Australian TV viewers aged 18-69, 8 brands & 64 ad assets: Full Article Here

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