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March 2024

Programmatic, Personalised and Powerful: DOOH Trends You Need To Know This Year

As we move through 2024, the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry continues to evolve rapidly, offering exciting opportunities for brands to reach and engage audiences in impactful ways.

So, What Are The Key Trends Shaping Digital Out Of Home In 2024? 

Programmatic Evolution

As brands become increasingly aware of its vast potential, programmatic technology is set to transform the out-of-home advertising landscape. This innovative technology streamlines the process of buying and selling ad space, blurring the lines between traditional and digital advertising even more, and ushering in a new era of data-driven, highly targeted campaigns.

Programmatic DOOH leverages trigger-based buying, enabling brands to deliver highly personalised messages to precisely the right audience, at the right location, at the right time. This approach maximises the impact of each interaction, resulting in a two-fold benefit for advertisers: increased cost-efficiency, in addition to the inherent cost-cutting associated with the automation of the buying and selling process.

Furthermore, programmatic DOOH offers a level of flexibility previously unseen within the out-of-home landscape. Brands possess the capability to make real-time adjustments to their campaigns, fostering a more agile and adaptive approach. This translates directly into highly optimised campaigns that resonate deeply with target audiences and ultimately, generating demonstrably positive results.

Contextual and Hyper-Local Engagement

DOOH is becoming increasingly contextually aware, using factors like weather, time of day, and even real-time events to deliver targeted messages and different creative variations. Brands can deliver personalised content that enhances the customer experience and improves engagement. 

Hyper-local targeting for DOOH is rapidly advancing, allowing brands to pinpoint audiences in locations with unprecedented precision, down to specific neighbourhoods or even exact buildings! For businesses with multiple stores, this unlocks powerful opportunities to drive footfall to specific locations through targeted messaging. By connecting a localised ad with the right nearby audience, brands can boost in-store sales by sending consumers to their closest physical presence at just the right moment. Embracing this hyper-local targeting capability will give brands a competitive edge in bridging the digital and physical worlds to maximise results.

Example: McCafé - Weather Reactive Campaign

McDonald’s launched a weather-activated digital billboard campaign across the UK, perfectly timed for summer, to promote their latest cold drinks, Strawberry Lemonade and Millionaire’s Frappe, available on the McCafé Iced menu.

When temperatures rose above 22 degrees Celsius, the campaign would go live on the screens. If temperatures rose above 25 degrees Celsius, the assets updated to also include the live temperature and city name. As the evening cooled down and temperature dropped, the live updates were removed from the creative.

Creativity and Technology Integration

DOOH is no longer just about static displays. The future of DOOH advertising is shattering consumer expectations as more immersive and engaging ad experiences come to life with the implementation of cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) etc.

Imagine consumers seamlessly integrating brand activations into their physical world through AR or being transported to virtual branded environments through VR-powered DOOH.

Example: Burger King - ‘Burn That Ad’

With the ‘Burn That Ad’ campaign, anyone who launched the Burger King app in Brazil and points their smartphone at its main competitors’ ads may enjoy the sight of it being burned up instantly – in augmented reality – and turned into a BK ad. When the flames burned away, the consumer was left with a screen that tells them they’ve received a free Whopper to be savoured at the nearest restaurant.

But that's just the beginning. The rise of AI creative tools will allow brands to personalise DOOH ads in real-time based on audience data and context. No more one-size-fits-all messaging - DOOH creative will dynamically adapt and customise itself for each individual viewer. 

Sustainability Initiatives

DOOH is also facing pressure to become more sustainable, with many organisations wary of its energy consumption. Brands and media owners are exploring greener solutions, such as energy-efficient displays, recycled materials, and renewable energy sources. 

Forget "trend," environmental accountability is crucial! Media owners and advertisers who fail to prioritise sustainable practices risk being seen as not just out-of-touch, but irresponsible to the planet in the eyes of consumers. This trend will not only be good for the environment but can also resonate with environmentally conscious consumers, who are now demanding authenticity and genuine commitment to sustainability from the companies they support.

Advertisers who show they are committed to their mission to implement eco-friendly practices will ensure they stay relevant, earn public trust and see positive trends for their long-term profitability and success.

Omnichannel Strategies To Dominate

An omnichannel approach ensures that brands maintain consistency in messaging, creating a cohesive experience across different touchpoints. This helps to reinforce brand identity and build stronger brand recall among consumers.  

In 2024, we predict that more brands will be using DOOH to amplify other channels, and vice versa. In particular, brands will increasingly integrate DOOH advertising with their social media marketing efforts. This combination will enable seamless, omnichannel brand storytelling that immerses consumers across multiple touchpoints, widening their reach and standing out in a competitive online landscape.

Not only this, but they’ll also gather valuable cross-channel data that provides a comprehensive view of audience behaviour, offering insights that can inform future decision-making for advertisers.

As boundaries between physical and digital dissolve, trailblazing businesses will captivate audiences through experiences unlike anything we've seen before! The DOOH playground of the future promises limitless potential for brands willing to push boundaries. From omnichannel strategies to hyperlocal advertising, customer centricity will be at the core of all successful campaigns.  

By staying ahead of these trends and harnessing the power of DOOH, brands can connect with audiences in innovative and impactful ways, driving brand awareness, engagement, and ultimately, sales.

The DOOH frontier is a blank slate for the daring - is your business ready to take the leap?!

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