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March 2024

Shop Smarter, Not Harder With Google AI

Launched in November 2023 and still in development, "Shop with Google AI" is a relatively new initiative to provide a more helpful, visual shopping experience. 

What Is It?

Shop with Google AI is a feature currently available to select users through the Google Search app on iOS. It aims to enhance your shopping experience by leveraging AI technology. 

Rather than sending users to other retailer websites, the goal is to streamline the online shopping journey by making it easier to browse, compare, and make informed purchasing decisions all within Google. It’s part of Google’s strategy to be a leading destination for online shopping ads and compete with Amazon. 

How Does It Work?

  1. Search for a product: Begin by searching for a product using keywords or voice commands. 

  2. Generate AI images: If available, you'll see the "Shop with Google AI" section offering the option to "Generate images." Click on it.

  3. Refine your vision: Describe the specific features or style you prefer using keywords. The AI will then generate photorealistic images based on your descriptions.

  4. Find similar products: Once you find an image you like, click on it to see similar products available from various retailers.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Visualise your desired product: Go beyond text descriptions and see what your ideal product might look like.

  • Refine your search: Get specific with your preferences and narrow down your options more effectively.

  • Discover new products: Explore unique offerings that might not have appeared in your regular search results.

What Are The Limitations?

  • Limited availability: The feature is currently in testing and not available to all users.

  • Product focus: It primarily works for apparel and home goods categories.

  • Accuracy and bias: Like any AI model, results might not always reflect reality perfectly, and potential biases could exist.

While integrating with Google’s AI-powered shopping experience may require additional effort and resources, the potential benefits in terms of improved product discovery, personalisation, and customer engagement make it a compelling consideration for marketers looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape. By leveraging Google's AI capabilities, e-commerce brands can gain a competitive edge over businesses that are not taking advantage of these advanced technologies, potentially capturing a larger share of the market.

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