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April 2024

Stop Wasting Time And Money: Streamline Your Paid Search With Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 is a platform designed for agencies and advertisers managing large search marketing campaigns, particularly across multiple engines and channels.

Who Is It For?

  • Agencies: If you manage multiple client accounts and campaigns across various platforms, Search Ads 360 offers a centralised hub to streamline workflows and boost efficiency.

  • Large Advertisers: Running large-scale search campaigns across different engines can get complex. Search Ads 360 simplifies management and provides powerful features for optimisation.

As ever, Google has gone above and beyond, ensuring this platform has everything advertisers need to make managing search campaigns a much smoother experience. Here are the key features: 

  • Automated Bidding: Leverage Google's machine learning to set bids in real-time, optimising for your specific campaign goals.

  • Robust Reporting: Gain in-depth insights into campaign performance with customizable reports and dashboards. Analyse data across all your channels for a holistic view.

  • Campaign Management Tools: Bulk editing, scheduling, and powerful workflow automation features save time and reduce manual effort.

  • Cross-Channel Integration: Integrate with Google Marketing Platform to unify your search campaigns with other digital marketing efforts for a more cohesive strategy.

  • Advanced Search Engine Support: Go beyond Google Ads. Search Ads 360 supports Bing, Yahoo Gemini, and other search engines, giving you a wider reach for your campaigns.

 Here's why it could be beneficial for advertisers in the UK:

  • Efficiency and Scalability: Search Ads 360 streamlines workflows, letting you manage complex campaigns more efficiently. This can be a big advantage for advertisers running campaigns across multiple platforms and for agencies managing multiple clients.

  • Data-Driven Performance: Search Ads 360 offers features like automated bidding and robust reporting. This allows advertisers to make data-driven decisions to optimise campaign performance and maximise return on ad spend.

  • Unified View: Search Ads 360 integrates with the Google Marketing Platform. This lets you see how your search campaigns connect with other marketing efforts, providing a more comprehensive view of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Advanced Search Engine Support: Search Ads 360 goes beyond just Google Ads. It offers support for other search engines and third-party partners, giving you more reach and flexibility for your campaigns.

If your business is considering trying Search Ads 360, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Cost: Search Ads 360 has a fee structure based on ad spend, so it might not be suitable for smaller budgets.

  • Complexity: While it simplifies campaign management in the long run, there is a learning curve involved in using the platform effectively.

Overall, Search Ads 360 can be a valuable tool for UK advertisers looking to manage complex search campaigns more efficiently, leverage data for better performance, and gain a unified view of their digital marketing efforts.

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