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May 2024

Streaming Meets Broadcast: The Future of Captivating TV Ads

A dynamic shift is happening in Television Advertising. Traditional broadcasters are joining forces with streaming giants, creating a wealth of fresh opportunities for brands to connect with audiences. This is a golden age for marketing professionals to leverage the power of TV advertising in new and innovative ways.

Broadcast Giants Get Streamed Up

As viewers in the UK ditch traditional schedules for on-demand content, traditional broadcasters like ITV, Sky, and Channel 4 are shrewdly adapting. These mainplayers are no longer just TV staples – they're at the forefront of change, providing advertisers with innovative and flexible solutions to connect with this evolving audience.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all ads. ITVX, Sky Go, and Channel 4 are supercharging their advertising capabilities with targeted and interactive formats. They leverage viewer data to pinpoint specific demographics based on viewing habits and interests, ensuring ads resonate with the right audience. Take ITVX for example, with its programmatic buying system – advertisers can now reach their ideal viewers with laser focus, through automated and real-time ad placements.

Broadcasters aren't stopping at targeted ads. They're making their VOD services more advertiser-friendly with innovative formats like pause ads, binge-watch ads, and even personalised spots that match viewer preferences and habits. This isn't just good for advertisers – it creates a smoother viewing experience for everyone. No more jarring interruptions, just relevant ads that won't disrupt the binge.

New Players, New Possibilities

As the streaming market gets crowded, traditionally ad-free, streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are dipping their toes into the UK advertising pool, as they seek new ways to make money.

Netflix, for example, has recently introduced a new, cheaper option with ads. This lets advertisers reach Netflix's large and engaged audience, with a variety of interests. To ensure the user-experience remains positive, the ads planned to be short and not disruptive, appearing before or during shows. Experts predict even more ad options coming to Netflix soon.

While Netflix dove headfirst into ads, Amazon Prime Video is taking a slower approach. They currently offer a limited number of ads during live sports and some on-demand shows. However, Amazon has a secret weapon: a massive amount of data on customer habits thanks to their e-commerce business. This lets them target ads with incredible accuracy, making them highly valuable for marketers.

The Road Ahead: Predictions for the Next 12 Months

Fasten your seatbelts! The UK television advertising market is in for a wild ride over the next year, with several key trends likely to reshape the industry:

  • Increased Personalisation and Automation: With the progression of data analytics and machine learning, anticipate increasingly tailored ad experiences and heightened automation in ad placements, enhancing the efficiency and impact of campaigns.

  • Growth of Ad-Supported Streaming: Platforms like Netflix have paved the way by introducing ad-supported tiers, potentially prompting other streaming services to do the same. This creates a plethora of opportunities for advertisers to connect with varied audiences within an immersive environment.

  • Sustainability and Ethical Advertising: Advertising will increasingly prioritise sustainability and ethical considerations. Brands and broadcasters must navigate this landscape with care to sustain trust and relevance among a more conscientious consumer base.

  • Integration of Social Media and TV Advertising: The lines between social media and TV are fading fast, paving the way for supercharged advertising campaigns. Imagine seeing a funny ad on TV, then jumping on Twitter to join the conversation with hilarious memes. That's the future, and it's all about using multiple platforms together for maximum impact.

  • Regulatory Changes: Stay vigilant for possible regulatory shifts concerning digital advertising, as they may influence strategies and practices within the VOD and streaming sectors.

These trends aren’t just interesting; they’re crucial for success in TV. For advertisers in the UK, understanding these shifts and remaining flexible will be essential to unlocking TV’s full potential. Whether you’re utilising traditional channels or exploring the latest VOD streaming services, the future holds endless possibilities! 

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