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May 2024

The Retail Media Revolution: Brands & Retailers Win Big with SA360

Retail media is booming, creating a win-win scenario for both brands and retailers. Brands selling through partners are hungry to leverage valuable retailer data for targeted advertising, especially as third-party cookies become obsolete. Retailers are responding by building robust media networks, strengthening brand-to-consumer connections, boosting product visibility, and driving sales.

Search Ads 360 (SA360) steps in with its game-changing offsite retail media capabilities. This empowers brands to reach new audiences beyond individual retailer websites, all while directing sales back to those retailers. Here's how it unlocks a new era of collaboration:

  • Brands Reach More Shoppers: Extend your reach beyond retailer websites and connect with consumers across various channels.

  • Smarter Targeting: Utilise retailer data and Google AI to target high-intent shoppers with laser focus.

  • Performance Max on Steroids: Fuel AI-powered Performance Max campaigns with valuable retailer data, all within a privacy-centric environment.

  • Take Control: Manage campaigns directly and optimise for maximum performance with clear, closed-loop reporting.

Retailers Scale & Strengthen Partnerships:

  • Self-Service Revolution: Empower brands to manage their own campaigns, breaking free from the scalability limitations of managed services.

  • Deeper Brand Relationships: Provide brands with the tools they need for success, fostering stronger, more collaborative partnerships.

  • New Revenue Streams: Unlock new income opportunities through self-service advertising options for brands.

Privacy-First Collaboration:

  • Secure Data Sharing: Retailers can selectively share audience data with brands without compromising user privacy.

  • Inventory Control: Maintain control over what product information brands see, ensuring they only advertise in-stock items.

  • Actionable Insights: Share strategic performance data with brands, optimizing campaigns for everyone involved.

  • Centralised Visibility: Keep track of both your campaigns and your brand partners' campaigns within SA360.

Streamlined Workflows for All:

  • Effortless Reporting: Gain detailed, closed-loop reporting at various levels - brand, campaign, and even individual product - to make informed decisions.

  • Standardised Metrics: Enjoy consistent metrics across campaigns and retailers, streamlining campaign management from a single platform.

  • Centralised Hub: Agencies can easily handle retail media campaigns for multiple brands within SA360, boosting efficiency.

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