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Jan 2024

TikTok 2024 - The New Wave of Trends and How You Can Ride Along

TikTok has just released their "What's Next 2024 Trend Report". There are a few key trends for advertisers should consider:

  • Creative Bravery: Emphasise curiosity, imagination, vulnerability, and courage in content creation. Embrace strategic risks and showcase unique brand aspects.

  • Curiosity-Peaked Engagement: Engage audiences in their discovery journey. Develop content that resonates with their interests and communities. "Users are 1.8x more likely to agree that TikTok introduces them to new topics they didn't even know they liked". Named "Serendipitous Scrolling," the study explores worldwide popular hashtags that encourage knowledge sharing and exploration—#tiktokfinds, #whattowatch, #curiosidades.

  • Storytelling Innovation: Utilize diverse voices and collaborative formats for storytelling. Intriguing narrative structures guide viewers past the first few seconds - ads intended to make users curious keep them watching 1.4x longer."

  • Building Trust: Foster open communication with consumers. Utilize creators to bridge trust gaps, enhancing brand loyalty. "After seeing an ad on TikTok, viewers trust the brand 41% more and are 31% more likely to be loyal to the brand."

Advertisers are advised to leverage these trends for impactful and engaging TikTok campaigns.

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