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Feb 2024

Tune In To The World Of Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising has become an increasingly popular and effective option for brands in the UK to reach targeted audiences and drive results. 

While traditional advertising is still incredibly valuable, podcast ads continue to unlock unique advantages! Here are some of the key benefits and why advertisers should consider using podcast ads as part of their marketing strategy:

  • Engaged Audience: Podcast listeners opt-in and engage with content meaning they pay closer attention to both the show content and the ads. This attentive state makes them more receptive to brand messages than passive audiences of other media.

  • Niche Targeting: Many podcasts focus on specific topics, industries, demographics etc. This allows advertisers to align their message with relevant content and reach their target market more efficiently. For example, a sports equipment company advertising on sports podcasts.

  • Trust and Recommendation: Ads read by the podcast host have greater influence as they come across as a trusted recommendation. 62% of listeners said a host read ad increases their likelihood of purchasing.

  • Performance Tracking: Podcast ads allow for promo codes and direct response measurement. Advertisers can track actions taken by listeners to analyse ROI and optimise future campaigns.

  • Growing Reach: Podcast listening continues to grow rapidly in the UK. Ofcom reported a rise from 3.2M to 5.6M adult weekly listeners between 2018 and 2021. More listeners means a bigger audience.

  • Brand Building: Instead of traditional ads, podcast ads are typically read by the hosts, allowing brands to make deeper connections with audiences through an endorsement by someone they trust. The Diary of a CEO podcast does branded episodes for companies like Salesforce.

  • Low Ad Clutter: Ads stand out more in the podcast world, with host-read ads and only a few advertisers compared to TV or radio. For example, the Business Unusual podcast limits ads to 1-2 sponsorships per episode.

  • Loyal Engagement: Listeners actively choose to listen versus passive consumption of other media. This leads to higher attention, recall, and response rates for ads. 80% of listeners take action on podcast ads.

What Kind Of Businesses Will Benefit From Podcast Advertising?

Certain types of brands are especially well-suited to benefit from podcast advertising:

  • Niche Brands: Brands that serve a smaller but specialised target audience can find the right podcast that caters to their customer demographic.

  • Digital Products/Services: Since podcast listening occurs online, ads work well for e-commerce brands, software/app companies, and other digital product services that need an online customer base.

  • D2C Brands: Direct-to-consumer brands can drive listeners directly to their website via podcast promo codes and ads, without the requirement of a retail middleman.

  • Higher Priced Products: The intimate podcast listening environment lends itself well to brands selling large ticket items or premium products that require more trust before purchase.

  • Early-Stage Brands: Growing brands still establishing themselves can benefit from host endorsements and brand-building vs. pure direct response ads.

  • B2B Companies: Professional services, tech providers, and other B2B companies advertising on career or industry-related podcasts match with engaged business audiences.

  • Local/Regional Businesses: Businesses with a geographic focus can advertise on locally focused podcasts and tailor ads to those audiences.

Some successful examples of UK brands using podcast advertising are:

  • SquareSpace sponsored podcast Reply All to reach tech-savvy audiences in the UK and drive website builds.

  • Beer52 ran ads on popular comedy podcasts like Off Menu to promote their craft beer subscription service.

  • Olay sponsored female-focused podcast The Receipts, aligning their skincare brand with relevant content.

With targeted reach, a receptive audience and measurable results, podcast ads can be an impactful advertising medium for UK brands looking to engage audiences and drive conversions.

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