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Jan 2024

YouTube Evolves - What’s New and Why Marketers Should Care

Although launched a couple of years ago, it seems to be growing in popularity. YouTube Shorts is a way to shoot, share, and binge short videos (think 60 seconds or less) on YouTube. In simple terms, it’s YouTube's response to the vertical video styles made so popular on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

YouTube's user engagement patterns have evolved, with increased interaction on Shorts via mobile devices and content consumption on TV screens. Last month, YouTube introduced changes to offer advertisers and brands new opportunities to engage with their target audience on YouTube. Video Reach Campaigns (VRC) have been expanded to maximise reach efficiently. These campaigns now support scaling video creatives across multiple formats: in-feed, Shorts, and traditional in-stream ads on Google Ads. Leveraging Google's AI technology, these multiformat ads provide enhanced reach and efficiency. Tests show that campaigns using all three formats achieved 54% more reach with a 42% reduction in cost per thousand impressions (CPM) compared to campaigns using only in-stream video ads.

So what are the key points for Advertisers

  • Evolving User Engagement: Recognize the new engagement trends on YouTube, including increased use of Shorts and TV screen browsing.

  • Expanded Ad Formats in VRC: Utilise the expanded capabilities of Video Reach Campaigns, now including in-feed and Shorts, along with in-stream ads.

  • Maximised Reach and Efficiency: Leverage the expanded formats to maximise your brand's reach to the target audience with improved efficiency.

  • Integration of Google AI: Benefit from the advanced targeting and optimization capabilities provided by Google's AI, enhancing ad performance.

  • Proven Effectiveness: Understand the effectiveness of this approach, with data showing a significant increase in reach (54%) and a substantial reduction in CPM (42%).

  • Diverse Advertising Opportunities: Embrace the diverse advertising opportunities across different YouTube formats to effectively engage with varied audience segments.

  • Strategic Campaign Planning: Plan campaigns strategically, considering the inclusion of all three inventory types (in-feed, Shorts, and in-stream) for optimal results.

  • This approach is crucial for advertisers looking to maximise their presence and impact on YouTube in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

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