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48% of Population Reached, Frequency of 21 Times


Prestige Flowers


Broadcast Sponsorship Channel 5 Extraordinary Stories


Build brand fame and positioning


Ecommerce / Gifting - Flowers



Prestige Flowers has built an incredible ecommerce business to become a leading player in the market. The business had been built through awesome logistics, great customer service and very impressive domination of Google Search Ads. In 2022, they set about increasing their brand awareness in the eyes of UK flower buyers.

Prestige are one of the largest flower delivery services in the UK. This was built through having an exceptional range of flowers, incredible web experience and service with a first class Digital acquisition programme. The flower delivery market has some heavy weight spending brands; we did not the budgets to match competitors so we had to look at options to make our budget punch harder.

We did a deep dive into what the Competitive set were spending along with the coverage and frequency to understand the size of the task. We had a brand platform to build on of delivering the Extraordinary Stories and reasons for sending flowers so we went to market to find a solution to build coverage using an always on approach and upweight marketing at key times of the year, Christmas, Valentine’s day and Mother’s day. We offer a wide range of advertising and media services to the client.

Services and Solutions

TV Sponsorship was the perfect platform, maximise budget to achieve a high and frequent brand exposure. We worked with Channel 5 to define a programming strand called Extraordinary Stories which fitted perfectly with Prestige Flowers brand positioning. The strand runs all year on Channel 5 and could be adapted to include Christmas movies on Channel 5. Channel 5 has the second largest reach of any commercial broadcaster in the UK and so a perfect partner to build a mass coverage campaign.


Sponsorship lets us build a frequency of significance that traditional TV advertising cannot deliver on a pound per pound basis. The sponsorship has proved very effective. In the first seven months of the sponsorship, we reached 48% of 25-60 year old adults with a frequency of 21. This has improved brand fame and digital conversion metrics.

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