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Driving Podcast Downloads Through Digital Audio Campaign


Angela Scanlon's Thanks A Million Podcast


Digital Audio Advertising


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Launch and ongoing advertising of Angela Scanlon’s Thanks A Million podcast.

Services and Solutions

Digital audio advertising is a great fit for advertising digital entertainment products. Using Spotify Advertising platform, our audio ads appeared within music playlists and other podcasts. Furthermore, as Angela's audience was 90%+ women aged 24-40 we were able to really focus the campaign to squarely target her core audience demographics.


Spotify advertising proved a cost-effective upper-funnel tactic to run alongside more performance-based channels like Paid Social. The channel enabled us to reach a high volume of our targeted audience with very strong audience engagement: 92% of ads were listened to in-full. Uptake of the podcast on Spotify increased during the on-air promotion and exceeded prior listening figures on the platform.

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