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Nudge provides a financial information platform which enables businesses to provide their staff with tools, information and insights to better manage their money. The platform demystifies money management and is designed as a global financial wellbeing platform. They provide their platform to companies who want to offer it as part of their employee benefits package. Having primarily sold their services on a face-to-face basis, Nudge wanted help in generating new leads from HR leaders, Employee Benefits specialists and business owners.

Services and solutions

Nudge wanted to understand the viability and economics of generated leads from digital paid advertising for their service. We created a plan to test and understand various scenarios. We wanted to understand:

  • Target audiences - job titles of HR professionals, Pension Advisors & Senior Managers in different sized organisations

  • Impact of different lead magnets - ranging from free downloads to consultation calls

  • Conversion rate and traffic by ad platforms - primarily LinkedIn and Meta platforms

  • Impact of creative - testing copy lines and graphical approaches

  • Impact of different buy-types - such as conversion or traffic buys

All campaigns and leads were connected to nudge’s Hubspot account and were classified as Marketing Qualified Lead (MQLs) or Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)


Working closely with the nudge marketing team, we identified the different roles each channel and approach played. Both Meta Ads and LinkedIn Ads worked as complementary channels, each creating leads at varying costs per lead. The 3-month project enabled nudge to focus on winning tactics and make an internal hire to operate future campaigns as we acted as their media consultant.


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