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Large Scale Lead Gen For High End Kitchen & Bathrooms Group




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Porcelanosa is a leading international manufacturer of kitchens, bathrooms, tiling and flooring. In the UK, they have 22 stores spread across the country. Their core products - kitchens and bathrooms - sell for between £30,000 up to £60,000 and more. So a qualified lead is highly prized.

Services and solutions

Porcelanosa focuses a lot of its marketing budget on Sales advertising, but the management team were keen to deliver stronger revenues during non-sale periods. We therefore focused on a series of tactics and messages all desired to generate qualified leads in such non-sale periods. As Paid Social had been successful in awareness and ecommerce advertising, we had built a strong pool of audience insights and data in the Meta Ad platform. Utilising this data and other targeting tools, we created a series of promotions to generate leads. We explored a number of promotional hooks including a Free Kitchen Design Service, Free Design Consultations and a series of discount vouchers. In each instance, the consumer had to book a face-to-face meeting in a local Porcelanosa store.


The results were fantastic. We began to understand the relative value of each promotion and started to understand better the leads to sales process. Over a two-year cycle, the campaigns booked almost 2,000 face-to-face meetings. From an advertising perspective, cost per meeting was very low and therefore extremely attractive to the Client. The net result was more sales at an extremely attractive return on ad spend.


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