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PPC and Meta: the Dream Team in the Football Market


We Make Footballers


Meta; PPC


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We Make Footballers is the UK’s #1 football academy for children aged 4-12, providing fun, friendly and professional coaching to all abilities across the country! They aim to get the best potential out of each child during those crucial early years, whilst still making it enjoyable and fun. And with 200+ players going on to sign at professional academies, they must be doing something right…

We Make Footballers is a franchise business, operating around 30 franchises across the UK. Attracting new players regularly is the life-blood of each franchise. Many franchise holders have limited marketing experience and operate in a competitive local market with football clubs and other sports providers competing for a child's leisure time.

Services and Solutions

Recipe Media devised a dedicated local marketing programme for We Make Footballer's franchise holders. The objective is to generate new leads each month, whereby a parent books their child onto a local football training session. Leads need to be delivered within a cost per acquisition threshold and meet certain volumes.

Our local marketing programme is driven by digital advertising. For each We Make Footballers franchise, we use a combination of Paid Search (PPC) and Paid Social (Meta Ads) to enhance monthly performance. Through Meta’s highly effective targeting, we aim to attract parents of young children in a close radius of these specific locations. Each franchise is different and thus we keep a close eye on the budget split between Meta and Google, changing it accordingly to optimise the campaign results. Whether the players are looking to just have fun, or they want to develop their skills and move on to grassroot clubs, we work on producing a variety of engaging creatives to capture the right audience.


The results for each franchise have been consistently strong across the board, with paid channels becoming the driving force of monthly leads. With seasonality sometimes creating spikes and dips in performance, we work closely with the We Make Footballers team to manage these fluctuations. This enables us to make the most out of the best-performing months, whilst planning ahead and preparing our strategy for the ‘slower’ months. As well as exceeding targets, we see that those franchises using the paid media programme also see a corresponding increase in direct and organic leads (ie not directly tracked to an ad click). The programme continue to grow, with more franchisees onboarding regularly.


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