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An Innovative Startup Gets a Superfast Start




Google PPC; Meta; Digital Display; London Underground


Online Sign Ups





Agreed is an innovative startup. Their platform enables users to sell or let their home directly, without the requirements (and costs) associated with using an estate agent. On the back of an early stage investment, the Agreed team needed an advertising and media agency to help them grow and attract sign ups to their innovative platform.

Services & Solutions

We work with Agreed on a fully retained basis across a wide range of media and marketing services including:

  • Brand set up

    • market positioning and brand development

    • creative development

  • Media planning and buying / Performance Marketing

    • Google Search Ad management

    • Meta Ad platform management

    • Digital Display advertising

    • London Underground advertising

  • Media consultancy

    • Annual and quarterly business planning

    • Scaled media planning scenarios for investors


The results have been incredibly successful. Agreed has exceeded all its new customer acquisition targets. Most encouragingly Cost Per Acquisition rates have been far stronger than plan. The business continues to scale and grow.


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