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TV Advertising Supercharges Lead Generation

HiHi TV Campaign Accelerates Lead Generation
HiHi TV Campaign Accelerates Lead Generation


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HiHi2 is a revolutionary business telecoms system. It features integrated video calling, a wide range of apps and is more akin to an iPad than a traditional business phone. The marketing team at HiHi were doing a great job at generating sales leads using digital marketing channels such as PPC and LinkedIn advertising. But the business had ambitious sales targets and wanted to capitalise on being first-to-market with such an innovative product. So they wanted to explore faster growth tactics.

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We felt that television advertising was a natural channel for HiHi as it could be used to showcase the truly differentiated features and appearance of the HiHi2 product. So we created a simple but to-the-point TV commercial for them, and began exploring TV advertising routes.

The core target audience for the product is business owners, decision makers or decision-influencers in businesses with typically 20 or more staff. We needed to find TV channels and programming which was likely to attract such an audience. We did a sequence of TV tests, exploring daytime and weekend programming, but also sports programming, in particular live football matches.

We then used tracking tools to understand which type of programming drove best results. We use a tracking technology which allows us to correlate enquiries with each TV advertising slot. The client also used data-capture through its sales teams to check how inbound leads had heard of the product.


The results were really interesting. Firstly we found that TV advertising was extremely effective for this brand and product. There were clear and discernible lead generation and sales increases directly linked to the TV advertising. We found that both daytime and weekend generic programming drove a very low cost per lead. And we found that live football drove a good cost per lead, slightly more expensive than generic programming, BUT ads around live football content generated huge spikes in enquires and leads.

Consequently we doubled down on TV advertising in and around live sports and live football programming. Budgets were scaled and results also scaled. Advertising in the top football matches with the biggest audiences delivered extremely effective quality leads. HiHi has subsequently built its lead generation model around TV advertising in live football programming making TV advertising core to its marketing.


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