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Campaign Exceeds Targets Weeks Ahead of Plan


WOW Present Plus




Website Conversions – Sign Ups


Video Streaming Services / Entertainment



WOW Presents Plus is a subscription-based streaming service for all things Drag! The business took the decision to remove its key show from Netflix, RuPaul's Drag Race US, and build out a dedicated streaming service to exclusively host the show and drag-related programming. Recipe joined forces with WOW to launch the subscription service in the UK market.

Services and solutions

We created a multi-platform advertising programme taking in broadcast TV and VOD, YouTube, Display, Meta, TikTok Search and Reddit. TikTok emerged as a key platform for sign ups, helping capture the right audiences and converting them into subscriptions. Unlike some other channels, when it comes to TikTok targeting – the broader, the better! The platform allowed us to successfully pick out Drag enthusiasts by targeting them through a combination of hashtags, creator and video interactions; whilst taking a deep dive into general interests too!


From the offset, the TikTok campaign results were really strong. Overall, TikTok delivered a strong double-digit conversion rate percentage and a low cost per acquisition. As we were running a multitude of digital advertising channels, we moved increasing ad spend into TikTok based on performance. TikTok became a key contributor to WOW exceeding subscription targets weeks before the plan, meaning that overall subscription sign ups are significantly stronger than forecast.


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