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Change Campaigns For Film & TV Charity


23 Red / The Film & Television Charity


Linkedin, Meta, Microsoft Advertising Platform, Google Display Ads


Increase awareness of the issues

Encourage industry managers to visit client website



Film and Television Industry



The Film & TV Charity (F&TVC) aims to support people working behind the scenes in the UK TV and film sector. Every year they help thousands of people in film, TV and cinema to address and overcome personal and professional obstacles. A major piece of research in 2022 revealed various challenges within the industry including wellness / stress in the workplace and the need to be more diverse and inclusive. We worked with creative agency 23Red and F&TVC to ensure these issues and supporting information was promoted to people working within this sector.

Services and solutions

F&TVC highlighted two audiences we needed to address: decision makers in the TV and film industry and workers in the sector. We wanted decision makers to download an information pack to promote workplace best practice, and we wanted workers to recognise and raise the issues with their employees. Effective targeting of the audience was really important, so we used platforms like Meta, LinkedIn and Microsoft Ad platform (where we could access job titles and industry data). We also used website retargeting to build lookalike lists.


On a relatively modest budget, we were able to reach a high percentage of target audience on multiple occasions. More importantly, website traffic spiked substantially as we delivered three times the forecast website traffic.


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