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Global B2B Lead Gen For Innovate TV Tech Firm Nagra




LinkedIn, Meta, Google Search Ads, Microsoft Ad Platform


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Global Telecommunications & Media



Nagra is a leading global provider of television, media and communications platforms for telecoms, media and streaming service providers globally. Their technology either powers entirely or is a key component in the tech stacks of brands including Bloomberg, Cisco, Google, Hulu, Netflix, The Walt Disney Company, Verizon and Yahoo. With a wide new range of PayTV, VOD and content security tools, we partnered with Nagra to power up their B2B lead generation globally.


Services and solutions

Working closely with the Nagra marketing team, we manage the paid advertising function for lead generation. Operating between four and six campaigns a year, each campaign is highly focused on communicating with a dedicated audience, in a dedicated geography, for a dedicated product.

We typically use channels like LinkedIn, Meta, Microsoft Ad Platform, Google Display and Google Search Ads. Precision of targeting is usually key - so we typically combine first party data lists and lookalike targeting with job title, interest, affinity and placement targeting to get the right ads in front of the right people.


We developed an optimum marketing model for Nagra. For any given campaign, this typically involves an ‘awareness phase’, where the task is to introduce a service to the right audience, and then a ‘leads phase’, where we’d use lead magnets like webinars, white papers and download information to lead capture. Results typically vary by campaign and audience, but by having the correct trackers and processes in place we are able to take fast decisions on performance, cost per result and lead quality to ensure each campaign is either optimised, changed or shortened at speed - thereby maximising ad spend.


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