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Mukuru is an international money transfer business. It is targets the African diaspora in the UK with a view to encouraging people to use their services to transfer money back home. They are relatively new to the UK and had large competitors with deeper pockets. Our task was to help promote their brand as efficiently as possible to gain early UK market traction.

Services and solutions

From an ad targeting point of view, it was critical to research geographic locations and communities with a strong African diaspora. Using population based research and finding connections with African media personalities, we found that judicious use of radio was a great fit. We chose programming and stations where there was an over-indexing on the target market and which also had presenters of African descent. To maximise the budget we blended national and London-centric stations Kiss FM, Kiss Fresh, Capital Xtra amongst others.


The campaign resulted in extremely positive sign ups and repeat booking by Mukuru. It provided the pathway for greater investment in the UK marketing operation in the following budget cycle.

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